Letterhead Templates


101 free letterhead templates. Click on the letterhead template that you would like to use in order to customize.

free printable business letterhead templates

elegant black

letterhead template

graphic design letterhead

big flower made of felt

letterhead examples

letter designs

letterhead template

letterhead template

company letterhead example

This stationery can be personalized without a logo or with a logo

letter designs

company letterhead

company letterhead template

romantic floral design

pink flowers

letterhead template

tan colored template with ribbons

letterhead template

floral wreath

business letterhead

red flowers

pastel colored ribbons

letter designs

shades of pink

pink hearts

cute template with colored polka dots and sandals

black flags


teacher letterhead

free template

heart made out of petals

handbag this letterhead could be used for a clothes store or a company related to fashion or design

lettterhead that can be used for a bakery or company in the food industry

splattered paint with a butterfly

cute giraffes

cute alligator could work for a company that sells products for kids or for animals

colored hearts

cute and fun with three colored butterflies

letterhead for company that deals with birthdays or that bakes cakes

letterhead for teachers

minimilistic with two hearts

flowers in teal and green

flowers in light pink and tan

big owl

round owl

big flowers with a big pink ribbon

splattered paint in pastel colors

two lines of hearts in shades of pink

hearts and flowers in shades of pink

blue and green flowers

tree with curled branches

colored lines

How do you create custom letterhead templates?

There are 101 free letterhead templates on this site. First, browse through the selection available and choose the design that you like best. Click on the design and the letterhead maker will open. Type in your details instead of those in the letterhead examples and then download the template. If there are any details that you do not want to include then don’t forget to erase that field otherwise it will appear in the printed letter head.

How do you create company letterhead?

Browse through the selection of letterhead template and choose a design in colors similar to your logo if you have one. If not, choose a design that is applicable to your business. For example, if you sell cakes you might want to choose one of the templates with a picture of a cake. If your business if relatively formal then you will want to go for a pretty formal letterhead whereas if you work with children you might want something cute and informal.

Can I type on the letterhead template?

Yes. You can either insert the letterhead in the printer and allow for the image (i.e. ensure that you only type in the white space available) or you can insert the letterhead as an image behind the text in Word and then print the letterhead and letter as one document.

What is the quality of the letterhead?

The image and text are high res enabling you to print a high quality professional document. Nobody will know that you used a free template!

Can these letter templates be used for commercial use?

You can use any of the letter templates for commercial use but you cannot sell them or give the template away for free or at a cost. If you present these templates on your website then you are required to link to this site.